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Never ever integrate Sildenafil with such medicines as diclofenac, bosentan, antidepressants, rifampin, isoniazid, prescription antibiotics, heart, imatinib or blood tension medications, cimetidine, conivaptan, antifungal medicines, enoxacin, or HIV/AIDS medications before speaking to your medical supplier.

Sildenafil is the very first and most well-known medication made use of for the treatment of male impotence, likewise referred to as erectile dysfunction.


“The following adverse effects are considered normal as long as they vanish on their very own: nosebleeds, heartburn, light level of sensitivity, diarrhea, insomnia, tingling, feeling numb, or burning, problem, muscular tissue pains, flushing, and some modifications in shade eyesight.”

In case of having this condition you require to find medical help as this might lead to a long-term damages of your penis.

As the result, the patient has the ability to attain a steady erection for long sufficient to contend intercourse.